JUST IN – USA Today Breaks MONSTER Story About Hillary… This Could Change Everything

The scandal that is the pay-to-play scheme crafted to facilitate favors for Clinton Foundation donors through the Clinton State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State just keeps getting more complicated. Then, complicated schemes have always allowed the Clintons to spin their way out of criminal charges.

So it should come as no surprise that the racketeering scheme between the Clintons State Department and the Clinton family foundations is even more convoluted and complex than even Donald Trump has imagined. USA Today dropped the bombshell that not only have foreign nations and entities made contributions in hopes of quid pro quo actions, but at least a dozen major companies have done so as well. And some of those companies lobbied the State Department using lobbyists who were also major Hillary Clinton campaign fundraisers.

This is a blatant transgression of campaign finance law – not to mention a violation of most of the ethics regulations in place at the US State Department. But, then, under the reign of Hillary Clinton at State, ethics were just a little heeded formality.

While it is unclear what, if any quid pro quo actions were taken by the Clinton State Department on behalf of these huge corporations, this revelation certainly exposes Hillary Clinton as a bald-faced liar when it comes to her protestations of government ties to big business and Wall Street.

Some of the corporations in question gave as much as $16 million to the Clinton charities, and at least four of the lobbyists that were hired by these corporations were “Hillblazers.” This label is given to Clinton campaign money operatives who have raised $100,000 or more for her current White House race.

Two of the four “Hillblazers” also raised funds for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential bid against then-Senator Barack Obama. It was not noted as to whether any of the fundraisers were big-money bundlers for Clinton’s 2000 Senatorial run.

USA TODAY validated and verified its reporting on this issue through an examination of federal lobbying data for the years 2009 through 2013. This time-span covers Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. That data was then compared with donor lists made public by the Clinton nonprofits and federal campaign financial records.

As reported, some of the corporations appear to have gotten what they wanted in quid pro quo action… others did not. The private sector corporations insist they did nothing improper but the matter of ethics calls this claim into play.

Among the corporate donors to the Clinton “charities” who also used Clinton-connected lobbyists at the Department of State:

Microsoft: They gave between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton foundations, as it lobbied for visa issues, protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, software industry licensing and government procurement.

Pfizer: One of the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies, they “donated between $1 million and $5 million to the foundations, while lobbying for intellectual property rights overseas and issues related to medicines in Turkey and India.

ExxonMobil: The energy giant gave the foundations between $1 million and $5 million while it lobbied the Department of State for issues involving hydraulic fracturing and oil sands.

The Northeast Maglev: This Washington, DC-based company advocates for high-speed, magnetic levitation rail service in the US. They donated over $100,000 while lobbying the Department of State to help provide support for their cause.

Mexico TV network Azteca: This company and its affiliates gave $375,000 while lobbying for US business opportunities and an education initiative involving students from the US, Mexico and Latin America.

While some wealthy presidential candidates have been philanthropists, they always relied on their own fortunes. But the Clinton “charities” have been tangled with the US governmental and global power structures. In fact, the Clinton foundations have received millions – if not billions – of dollars in state or private contributions linked to Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kazakhstan and other nations whose interests at times conflict with those of the US.

In a WikiLeaks email released last Friday, it was exposed that even as Hillary Clinton knew the Saudis and Qataris were clandestinely aiding the Islamic State with logistical and financial support, the Clinton Foundation was accepting sizeable donations from those countries. This means Hillary Clinton knowingly accepted contributions from terror financiers.

This cannot be allowed to stand. We the People must reject Hillary Clinton’s corrupt world on November 8th. If we don’t – if we fail from keeping her from the presidency – our nation, as we know it and want it to be – is finished.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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