Just In: Whoa, Whoa, Look What Ryan Just Said About Pence

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday lauded Donald Trump’s running mate pick, saying there is “no better choice for our vice-presidential candidate” than Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Pence “comes from the heart of the conservative movement — and the heart of America,” Ryan said in a statement.

“We need someone who is steady and secure in his principles, someone who can cut through the noise and make a compelling case for conservatism. Mike Pence is that man,” he continued.

“He will help bring real change to Washington, and so I will do everything I can between now and November to help our ticket and our party win a national majority.”

Ryan echoed the praise of other Republicans and conservative groups, including Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), former House Speaker John Boehner and the Club for Growth.

Rubio called Pence a “great pick” and a “rock solid” nominee.

Ryan had held off for weeks on endorsing Trump after he became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, citing concerns about his policies and other issues.

The Speaker eventually endorsed Trump but has at times expressed reserved support.

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