(JUST IN) WikiLeaks Founder: More Clinton Emails Are Coming

So, one day after WikiLeaks said they have a bombshell in terms of information about Hillary Clinton, Julian Assange revealed to Fox News they will be releasing more of Clinton’s email’s before the election and he calls them “significant.”

Now, Assange’s announcement comes on the heels of recently released Clinton emails by both WikiLeaks and Citizens United revealing the crooked dealings of Hillary Clinton and her foundation and, of course, her enriching herself.

Some of the highlights:

– The Wikileaks emails show it was Hillary and Bill Clinton that wanted to cozy up to Vladimir Putin and do events together.

– Citizens United revealed that Hillary’s emails showed that she knew her State Department staffers were working directly with the Clinton Foundation despite her promising otherwise.

How many other bombshells about Hillary have to be released before she sees an orange jumpsuit?

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