JUSTICE: Major Company Disses Trump… Now Look What Their Customers Are Doing

From the very moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president last summer, he began offending thousands with his politically incorrect comments about nearly everything. One of those who took offense to his remarks was Macy’s. The company claimed Trump’s remarks about Mexicans were “disparaging” and immediately dumped his clothing line as a result. Trump slammed the company for its actions and retaliated, claiming the retailer supported illegal immigration. He then called for a boycott of the company.

It would appear that The Donald’s request might have worked out just the way he imagined it.

WND reported that Macy’s stock price has taken a nosedive in the past year.

When Trump first called for the boycott in July last year, Macy’s stock price was at $67.82 per share. The stock closed Tuesday at $32.52 a share — a 52 percent drop in just under a year.


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