Kasich, Cruz, Rubio – Withholding Delegates from Trump

Party unity may be a keen goal for the GOP as Donald Trump as en route to be the one taking the nomination come July, but former candidates who have dropped out of the race are being stubborn in giving over their delegates to Trump. John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, has joined Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in maintaining delegates he won during the primaries. A former top aide to the Kasich presidential campaign confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday that he is instructing his delegates to stay bound to him through the convention.

It’s been widely speculated the three candidates are holding on to their delegates as a means of bargaining and leverage against Trump. Some of these delegates could be key to defeating Hillary Clinton. Kasich believes holding onto these delegates will force or persuade Trump to run a more “positive” general election campaign and try harder to unify the party, a Kasich aide said.

Kasich on Monday told party officials that he has 161 delegates. Rubio has 166, and Cruz has a whopping 568 delegates compared to the other two. However, Trump essentially clinched the nomination with his momentous count of 1,237 attained delegates.

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