Kasich: If I drop out, Trump gets the nomination

John Kasich continues to ignore cries to end his campaign from Ted Cruz supporters and members of the Republican establishment, saying that doing so would essentially hand Donald Trump the GOP nomination, the presidential hopeful said at a Wisconsin campaign stop.

“If I drop out, Donald Trump is absolutely going to be the nominee,” Kasich said.

Kasich predicted Cruz will perform poorly in East Coast states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. But Kasich said he’s popular out East and has done well in that area before.

He and Trump took eight delegates apiece in Vermont, and Kasich followed Trump in Massachusetts. His lone win was in his home state of Ohio.

“I’m not out here to stop Donald Trump, but I can tell you the reality of it. I don’t believe Sen. Cruz can come to the East and win,” Kasich said.

Kasich comes off stinging last-place finishes in the West Tuesday night, earning zero delegates in the GOP’s Arizona and Utah primaries.

The Ohio governor also maintained his position that no candidate will make it to the Republican convention in July with enough delegates to secure the nomination, which could result in a contested convention, Kasich’s only remaining hope to reach the general election.

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