Kasich Just Went On Fox News And Issued Earth-Shaking Trump Announcement – ‘Mr. Trump Called Me…

Ohio Gov. John Kasich joined Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in stating he is not ready to endorse Donald Trump for president.

In an interview which aired Thursday morning on Fox News, Kasich told America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer that Trump is “trending the wrong way with me.”

Hemmer asked the former presidential candidate directly, “Will you support Donald Trump for president?”

“Hard to say,” the governor responded. “[L]ook, I have a completely different message, you know, Mr. Trump called me and he said, ‘You know, what are you going to do to support me?’ I said, ‘We’re like two companies, you know, we have a different vision, a different value system, and a different objective.’ So it’s pretty hard to put that together.”

Kasich explained, “[R]ight now, the divisiveness, the division, the name calling, it just doesn’t go down well with me.”

The former presidential candidate listed some of his specific problems with Trump’s candidacy including the controversy regarding Judge Gonzalo Curiel presiding over the Trump University case, the presumptive nominee’s unwillingness to address entitlement reform, his “reckless positions on foreign policy,” his insulting of Hispanics and other minorities, and his lack of concern over the need to balance the federal budget.

Hemmer asked incredulously, “For the convention that comes to Ohio in 40 days, are you saying it’s possible that you can walk into that arena in Cleveland, Ohio and not endorse?”

“Absolutely. Of course. Look, I’ve been this way since I was in politics. I kind of call them the way I see them and never more than today does the country need to be unified. Do we need to stop all the fighting? Do we need to realize that we’re Americans before we’re Republicans and Democrats?” Kasich said.

Like Walker, Kasich did not entirely close the door that he could endorse Trump at some point. “He can change,” the Ohioan said. “The ball is in his court.”

Asked if he would ever consider being a running mate with Trump, Kasich responded, “There was never a chance of that.”

Kasich was the last of Trump’s rivals to withdraw from the race for the GOP nomination, doing so in early May, despite being mathematically eliminated from winning enough delegates in March. His only primary victory came in his home state of Ohio.

The governor remained in the race as long as he did by placing his hopes on Trump coming up short in the reaching the required 1,287 pledged delegates needed to secure the nomination, leading to a brokered convention.

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