Katie Couric’s Team In SERIOUS Trouble With The Law… Proves Anti-Gun Film Was A FRAUD

Katie Couric’s name has been in the news recently after it came to light that her anti-gun film “Under the Gun” was deliberately edited to make pro-gun folks look like heartless, idiotic thugs.

The Federalist reported that Couric may be in a lot more trouble than that, because it appeared that her film staff ordered someone to break federal gun laws in the making of the documentary.

In the film, producer and director Stephanie Soechtig admitted to breaking federal gun laws, although she claimed on camera that what she did was perfectly legal.

“We sent a producer out and he was from Colorado. He went to Arizona, and he was able to buy a Bushmaster and then three other pistols without a background check in a matter of four hours. And that’s perfectly legal. He wasn’t doing some sort of underground market,” she said.

“And he just met someone in the parking lot of Wendy’s and bought a Bushmaster. Legally.

“Like, this is legal,” she emphasized.

You can watch her comments here, if you can stand 35 seconds of super-uniformed liberal idiocy:

However federal laws make this very clearly illegal. Under federal law, if you are buying firearms across state lines, you must do so through a federal firearms licensee, which clearly was not done in this case.

Further, any sale of a firearms through an FFL requires the gun buyer to go through a background check. There are no exceptions to this. The only way to avoid it is through illegal actions, which is apparently what Soechtig had her lackey do.

Put simply, if someone wanted to legally buy a gun from out of state, that gun must be shipped to the gun buyer’s home state, to an FFL, so that the gun buyer can purchase the gun legally.

Spechtig has already admitted that she broke the law on camera, proving once again that anti-gun activists know very, very little about the gun laws they so angrily protest. So let’s do everything we can to make sure that she suffers the consequences for it.

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