KID ROCK Sneaks Into Hillary Clinton Event To Shout ‘Vote Donald Trump’ During Rally

Kid Rock (real name Robert Richie) interrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign event during the Democratic convention when he shouted ‘Vote Donald Trump’ and ‘Hillary For Prison 2016’ from behind the DNC presidential contender.

After entering the rally, Kid Rock blended in with the crowd before starting a loud ‘Vote Donald Trump’ chant. Numerous people in the crowd were swayed and joined the chant with Kid Rock after realizing he is the American hero who wrote ‘Bawitdaba’.

Hillary Clinton reportedly looked at Kid Rock with fire in her eyes, before telling him that she was “glad nu metal was dead”.

The ‘All Summer Long’ singer was able to get into the event by taking the Clinton pledge, a sacred ritual that requires you to sacrifice a lamb to prove your allegiance to the Clinton dynasty.

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