Kid Whose Trump Hat Is Banned From School & Gets Ripped Up Has the Last Laugh With Gift From Donald

Last Thursday, Logan Autry, a 9-year-old California boy, was told by his school — Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School — that he would no longer be permitted to wear his favorite hat there, even though it wasn’t against the dress code.

The third grader said that his vice principal approached him to say that the hat was becoming a distraction.

According to ABC 7:

For three days straight the third grader wore the hat to class. But each day, more and more classmates began confronting him at recess.

“I still want to keep my hat. It’s not the hat that draws attention, it’s just my personality that the other children do not like,” said Autry.

Autry recently moved to Fresno from the foothills, he loves politics and American history.

“He knows more than I do. He knows more about this election than I know, it’s kind of embarrassing. You know, like are you smarter than a third grader kinda thing. But he is just very adamant about his beliefs and his rights. He wants to be a politician that’s his goal,” said Angela Hoffknecht, Logan’s guardian.

But the next day, with permission from relatives, Autry missed school to fulfill a dream: he attended a Donald Trump rally…wearing his beloved hat.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

He even got the hat signed by Trump himself.

Unfortunately, Autry’s stepmom’s dogs got hold of the hat while he was in the pool:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/CNN

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/CNN

While it is definitely the worse for wear, he was just relieved they didn’t rip the part with Trump’s signature.

But the best part? The Donald’s campaign heard about the whole ordeal and is sending Autry a care package–including some brand new Trump gear.

Autry maintains that — because of the First Amendment — he has a right to wear his hat and has done nothing wrong. He also says that “it won’t be an amendment anymore” if either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets elected president in November.

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