King Obama Issues Trans Decree To US Schools… Gets Slapped Down IMMEDIATELY By GOP

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known all across the land that, by virtue of an imperial decree, King Barack Obama has ordered all public schools in the United States to allow any and every allegedly transgender student to use whichever bathroom or locker room he prefers, whether you like it or not.

The “executive decree” issued by the Obama administration doesn’t carry the full force of the law, but it does carry a very real threat — acquiesce to this command or risk getting hit with lawsuits and losing federal funding.

In a letter sent out to all public school districts across the nation, the administration cited the Title IX anti-discrimination law of 1972, noting that it considered gender identity to be the same as an individual’s “sex,” which cannot be a basis for discrimination.

This is essentially a unilateral change to the law, something not in the purview of the executive branch, which immediately raised the ire of some in Congress, according to The Hill.

Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King announced Friday that he would likely be calling for hearings regarding Obama’s changes to the law and threats to punish public schools that don’t agree with his new definition of “sex,” which King classified as “overreach.”

“I oppose that piece of policy. I think … it is an executive overreach,” said King during an appearance on CSPAN, according to the Washington Examiner. “And it’s a topic we’re likely to bring up in a future hearing before the task force that I chair.”

King stated that the founders of our nation would never deem the executive branch to have such power as to decide who can use which bathroom, saying, “So I think … it’s an extreme executive overreach, and I don’t know how we stop it, but we need to address it. The president could have just as well taken a pass on that.”

“To tell every school in America you’re going to lose your federal funding if you don’t let anybody that wants to go into any bathroom they want to,” King concluded. “That is outrageous.”

This new policy of the Obama administration most certainly is an overreach of the executive, one that must be confronted and pushed back, as the ramifications of such a change are unfathomable.

And people wonder why more and more Americans are pulling their kids out of public schools and either enrolling them in private institutions or educating them at home.

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