KKK Leader: We Endorse Hillary and Sent Her $20,000

A Grand Dragon leader in the Ku Klux Klan says the white supremacist group has wholeheartedly endorsed Hillary Clinton and has anonymously sent her campaign a $20,000 donation.

Will Quigg — who is affiliated with a KKK branch in California — told the news website Vocativ.com:

“For the KKK, Clinton is our choice. She is friends with the Klan. A lot of people don’t realize that.”

Quigg claims the Democratic presidential front-runner was friends with Robert Byrd, the late U.S. senator from West Virginia who organized and led a Klan chapter in the Mountain State in the 1940s.

Vocativ.com says Clinton called Byrd a “friend and mentor,” after he died in 2010 — five years after Byrd had disavowed the KKK and said his involvement with it was “wrong.”

Josh Schwein, a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign, said of Quigg’s claims:

“This is completely false. We want no part of them or their money and vehemently reject their hateful agenda.”

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