Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton has Fallen into Trump’s ‘Clever’ Russian Trap

One of the nation’s sharpest conservative minds has praised Donald Trump for turning outrageous allegations made by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats around on them.

A keen writer and observer, Charles Krauthammer is recognized as one of the most insightful political commentators in modern media. He is often sought for his unique but unabashedly conservative take on the issues of the day, and thus is it is no surprise that he has a lot to say about the upcoming election.

With the media feigning credulity at the ludicrous assertion that the Russians leaked DNC emails to help Trump by making Hillary look bad, Krauthammer offered his assessment of the GOP nominee’s response to the allegations. Applauding Trump for raising questions about Clinton’s refusal to hold a press conference in almost a year now, the commentator also said he was impressed by the “trap” regarding the Russia allegations that Trump set for his rival.

While the Democrats are relentlessly spreading the narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC on Trump’s behalf, they don’t seem to realize that they have opened themselves up to a new line of attack by doing so. If the Russians were able to gain access to the DNC’s emails, than they easily could have gained access to the 30,000 classified emails missing from Hillary’s private server, prompting Trump to joke that he hopes they were able to find them.

Per Krauthammer, the genius of Trump’s quip is that by charging he is working in league with the Russians to exploit the Democratic Party’s cyber infrastructure, Hillary and her supporters are undermining their defense that there was no risk of Russia obtaining sensitive information from her emails:

“’In that statement that you showed from the Clinton campaign, it said, you know, you’re inviting a foreign power to invade our national security. Now, these are the e-mails that [Clinton] deleted because they were supposedly private. These there ones that were supposedly not work related. These there ones where she discusses her yoga lessons and wedding planning. So if that’s what really is in the 30,000 deleted e-mails, then there’s no national security to be involved at all.’

‘So the Clinton campaign ends up admitting that perhaps there really is work related, if not classified stuff, on the e-mails which she deleted, which I think would be the grounds for a charge of obstruction,’ Krauthammer insisted.”

See Krauthammer’s take on Trump’s Russia reference below:

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