Krauthammer Warns Trump About Obama… He’s Right

As expected, President Barack Obama has inserted himself and his failed policies into the 2016 presidential race, expressing support for presumed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump will have to battle against Obama during the campaign, and one conservative pundit has warned the presumptive GOP nominee that it won’t be easy.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer has encouraged Trump not to underestimate the president, as he is not “low energy” like some of the real estate mogul’s other political opponents.

“Barack Obama is no Jeb Bush. He’s not low energy,” Krauthammer explained, according to the Washington Examiner. “He’s a skilled campaigner who clearly despises Trump and relishes the fight.”

The conservative columnist also pointed out that Obama has the weight of seven-and-a-half years of incumbency behind him.

Additionally, the president has enjoyed an “unusually high approval rating of around 53 percent.” Meanwhile, Trump’s latest favorability rating was 29 percent.

One of Trump’s most memorable tactics of this campaign has been his labeling of opponents, such as “Lyin’ Ted” for Sen. Ted Cruz and his repeated criticism of Bush as “low energy.”

The presumptive GOP nominee has taken that tactic into the general election, labeling Clinton “Crooked Hillary.”

Trump, however, has not given a label to Obama, but it’s likely only a matter of time before he issues an epic nickname to the progressive president.

Obama will undoubtedly fight tooth-and-nail for Clinton, as she is his only hope for the continuation of his liberal policies and legacy. Clinton will definitely appreciate the help from smooth-talking Obama who, despite his many faults, is a skilled campaigner.

“Hillary Clinton is a lousy campaigner, but her machine is infinitely larger and more skilled than any of Trump’s 16 GOP competitors,” Krauthammer said. “More riskily, Trump is now going toe-to-toe with a sitting president.”

Trump supporters likely aren’t worried about Obama, as many of Trump’s statements at this point have been direct attacks on the president and his failed policies.

However, the GOP candidate should heed Krauthammer’s warning, as he typically has a good feel for American politics and the president definitely won’t let his legacy go down without a fight.

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