Law Prof. Drops Bombshell About Trump U Judge That Nobody Saw Coming

Over the past few days, presumed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been fending off unprecedented levels of attacks from both the left and right over his comments about the judge overseeing his Trump University lawsuit. While some people, like a former attorney general, have come forward to support Trump, may prominent Republicans have publicly rebuked him.

But now The Washington Times reported that a prominent law professor has actually come forward in support of Trump.

Victor Williams, a professor at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law, stated that because U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of La Raza Lawyer’s Association, a group which has supported illegal immigrants, there is a conflict of interest, just as Trump has claimed.

This is very important because an actual law professor saying that Trump is right lends credence to his argument and gives Trump something to use to fight back.

“He has specifically participated in events where illegal aliens were celebrated, where illegal aliens were promoted with scholarships,” Williams explained. “It is clear that from his association with La Raza Lawyers that he has political and ideological affiliation with illegal immigration proponents.”

Williams has an interesting history in politics. He supported President Barack Obama, ran for president this year and sued to get Sen. Ted Cruz’s name removed from the New Jersey ballot.

Most recently, Williams endorsed Trump.

Trump’s hard-line stance on illegal immigration means that there is a definite conflict of interest in this case, according to Williams. While the judge may not have any actual bias, in the legal system a perception of bias is the same as an actual bias.

“The standard isn’t that one has a personal bias and acknowledges such. That’s not the standard,” said Williams. “The standard is could there be an appearance of impropriety. That’s the standard.”

The entire Trump University lawsuit has become an annoyance for Trump, who has tried to shift away from it in recent days. Hopefully this whole controversy will die down soon and we can actually get back to talking about issues that matter to the American people.

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