LEAK – Hillary Email SLAMMED Latinos, What Her Team Calls Them… WOW

A new Wikileaks email is going to destroy Hillary Clinton in the Latino community because it goes against everything she has been trying to sell to people from day one.

In the latest email leak from  Wikileaks revealing, a message sent from John Podesta to Hillary Clinton, Podesta calls Fedrico Pena “needy” and makes Pena out to be an attention absorbed individual that they must pamper in order to gain his support.


As you can see in the snippet of the email, Podesta literally has to outline what Hillary needs to do in order to garner his support.

When Pena sees this, how can he be anything but insulted that Hillary Clinton was given a complete script to play him for his support.

But that is not all that we found in this particular email…

Bill Richardson is also mentioned, as Podesta encourages that WJC [Bill Clinton] reach out to him to bury the hatchet.

Podesta wants Hillary to reach out to him for his influence, “…not withstanding the fact that he can be a dick…”

Pretty strong language from a candidate’s staff representing someone that is supposed to be for the everyday man. The full section of the email is insult after insult. If I were Richardson, I would be about as furious as one could be after reading this…


This is Hillary Clinton everyone; this is the woman that is about to be one of two major candidates people will be voting for on election day. She hates Trump supporters, she hates everyday people, and now she thinks Latinos are “needy.”

As I have been saying from day one, Hillary is NOT for the people, period. She isn’t for African Americans, she is not for Hispanics, she is not for anyone but herself! She will use you… she will make you think she is there for you, but only if it suits her cause!

More of these are sure to come out throughout the week, so stay tuned… because you know I will get the story up as soon as I find out about them! Just keep helping me spread the word so everyone learns the truth about this evil and despicable woman.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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