LEAK – Insider Reveals Secret Reason FBI Agents Are Furious With Obama

There are a lot of grumblings going on right now about the rank and file in the FBI and its leadership. And now we know why.

Several insider sources, according to a report just posted on Fox News, states that many of the agents are furious with the Obama administration, specifically the Department of Justice and the FBI, over the fact Hillary Clinton was allowed to skate on the email scandal.

I am not sure most people remember, but at the very beginning of this scandal, there were rumors that Comey himself was going to resign if an indictment did not go through.

Of course, much like the people that want to keep their name out of the new cycle, those sources were also anonymous.

However, they stated that Comey, at least at the time, was so livid over the delays and politics that he was threatening to resign himself if the DOJ did not follow through on this case.

I am not sure what happened from then to the day he stood up in front of America and decided not to indict, but I can only imagine someone got to him and made sure that he did not go through with the case.

We fast forward to today and now his agents that are threatening to quit or at the very least continue to issue their grumblings about the fact there seems to now be two sets of rules for people.

We are at a junction where the American people have lost faith in their president, their justice system, and their elected officials. If Obama had an ounce of integrity he would have stepped in and done the right thing here, but I suspect he was part of the cover up all along!

I have news for you Obama, the FBI agents are not the only ones upset with you right now. We the people are furious that our elected officials have turned on us and are now protecting their interests rather than our own!

It is time for change patriots! If we don’t get it in this election, then I guess we will just have to make the change ourselves!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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