LEAK – Undercover Video Shows Muslim ‘No Go Zones’ For Women, This is SICK!

One of the things American liberals need to realize in their mindless quest for tolerance of all cultures is in the fact that they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. They are running the risk of awaking an evil sleeping giant.

An undercover video showed a dark aspect of Islamic culture in a powerful way, revealing there are a number of “no-go zones” for women… in France, as per WND. Could this be a wake-up call for America?

An example of one of these “no-go zones” would be when two women attempted to enter a cafe in Sevran, a suburb of Paris. They were denied entry and told to wait for their male companions.

“In this cafe, there is no mixing,” a voice off camera said. The women protested, asking if it was normal, and they were met with the response, “It is like back home [in the Middle East].”

The undercover report also revealed some very disconcerting activities in Lyon, the second biggest city in France. A number of women in the city are now deliberately altering their dress in order to remain safe from harassment by Muslim men.

One woman in particular was interviewed and said she avoids wearing skirts and make-up, opting for baggy trousers instead. When she was asked why, she replied, “Because I’m afraid, simple as that.”

Many French politicians have increasingly begun to speak out against this after having witnessed it.

Pascale Boistard is the women’s rights minister for the country, and she only needed a sentence to explain the dire situation: “There are now areas in our country where women can no longer go.” Do we want this same situation to occur in our country as well?

The message should definitely be clear: America should be extremely careful about which Muslims we allow into this country and how. If they are adherents of Sharia law, there is no question they cannot be allowed to enter the United States.

Hopefully, political correctness has not ruined our chance at a safe country. Terrorism analyst Steve Emerson was actually banned from Fox News by top brass simply for using the term “no-go zones” in his report. We would all do well to pay attention to the way he’s been treated — it’s not right, and we have to fight it!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want my wife, my sisters, my cousins, and every other woman in this country to be able to go about their business in a safe manner without fear of harassment from Muslim men who fail to realize they are in a different country.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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