LEAK – WikiLeaks Memo CONFIRMS Hillary Committed THIS Huge Crime, TIME FOR PRISON!!

WikiLeaks may have just finally sunk Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The potential criminal behavior by the career politician just might land her in jail, but only if Donald Trump is elected and ends political bias in the Justice Department.

The leaked emails just shared by Julian Assange appear to prove Hillary Clinton lied when she said her campaign did not “coordinate” with one of her must lucrative super PACs, Priorities USA. In a February primary debate, Hillary denied any illegal fundraising shenanigans had occurred at the behest of her top-level staffers.

An email authored by Hillary Clinton election counsel, Marc Elias, detailed exactly how a campaign staffer should speak when sharing a donor lead to a fundraiser staffer for a super PAC. Here is a excerpt from the email:

Permissible: “Donor A works in financial services and has been a long-time contributor. I think she’d be willing to do six figures for Priorities.” Not recommended: “I want you to call Donor A and ask for $250,000.”

The leaked email also advises Clinton campaign staffers that if and when they are engaged in fundraising on behalf of Priorities USA, “they must include a hard money ask (for $5,000 or less) during the course of the conversation.

After the primary, Hillary made public speeches promising she would seek a constitutional amendment to thwart the Citizens United ruling that allowed labor and commercial interests to form for the purpose of supporting specific candidates and causes. Her public vow to stop the flourishing of super PACs even led to the creation of a video on the campaign website, calling to get the “unaccountable money out of our politics.”

Clinton also brought up the need to end all super PACs during the most recent presidential debate with Donald Trump. The disparity between apparent support for super PACs in the Clinton campaign email and the Democrat’s public comments has caused renewed interest in an earlier leaked email where Hillary talks about the importance of having both a public and private view on political issues.

The campaign finance email from the Clinton campaign attorney also details, with great emphasis, the importance of sharing joint donor relation efforts, fundraising leads, and other general information with Priorities USA.

The campaign lawyer also cautioned Hillary’s staffers to avoid discussing topics of strategic issues, campaign messaging, or polling. The emails leaked by Julian Assange also unearthed some additional information about possible illegal coordination with Priorities USA and other pro-Hillary super PACs.

In a different email, a Google calendar invitation between top-level Clinton campaign staffers and her legal team from March 7, 2016 was discussed. The email was titled, “Super PACs Check-In.”

Memorandum on Interactions With Priorities USA by BreitbartTexas on Scribd

The missive did not detail what exactly the campaign officials were going to talk about in the teleconference with the PACs, but any conversation between Hillary’s staff and the type of soft money influencers she vowed to rid the American political system of has raised suspicions.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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