LEAKED Document Obliterates Obama And Confirms Trump Was Right All Along

The cornerstone issues, the ones that started it all for Donald Trump, are immigration and border security. And while the Progressives and Democrats – and of course Hillary Clinton – try to tell everyone that border security is under control and the immigration process is “just fine,” it isn’t and it’s not.

A newly revealed Department of Homeland Security report of last year, cited by Guy Benson of Townhall.com, states that far from the 81 percent capture rate cited by the Obama Administration, only 54 percent of those crossing the border illegally were apprehended last year. It also evidences an atmosphere of chaos where the immigration authorities are concerned. But you would never know it because for Clinton or Obama to admit this reality plays to validating Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

The fact of the matter – and according to the Department of Homeland Security itself – is that our borders are not only tantamount to wide open, the Federal Government is facilitating that openness. Further, the Obama Administration is dragging its feet on the issue of deportations, even after they promised to expedite the proceedings.

In a post-9/11 world, and with our economy in an extremely fragile state, the open border and non-deportation policies of the Obama Administration not only create an invitation door mat for Islamofascist terrorists who would love to deploy WMD in an urban area of the US, but stifle the reduction of unemployment among the American citizenry as a time when jobs are precious.

The DHS reports states that immigration authorities caught just over half the illegals who entered the US from Mexico last in 2015. The report, one of the most comprehensive on the subject ever created, found that 54 percent of those who entered illegally got caught in fiscal 2015.

This 53 percent reality is dramatically different from the publicly stated 81 percent success rate that DHS cited publicly. The Obama Administration, in all things numbers (whether it is economic or labor based) used a different more “creative” counting method.

The 98-page report, completed in May, has been held confidentially by DHS. Homeland Security officials have declined to release it, despite calls from Congress to do so. If not for a leak to the Associated Press, it would still be kept from the public.

170,000 illegal border crossers got away from the Border Patrol during fiscal 2015. 210,000 evaded capture the previous year and 1.7 million went unfettered in 2005.

The significant drop over the last decade is primarily due to the decline in job opportunities in the US since the Obama Recession. With no jobs to be had, many Mexicans are now leaving the United States than arriving.

In addition, the Obama Administration has delayed deportation proceedings for more than 56,000 illegals who have entered the US illegally since 2014. Some deportation cases, according to the New York Times, have been pushed as far back as 2023. Federal officials admit that many illegals with “delayed cases” may never report for their court dates and, thus, live in the shadows the Left is so keen to complain about.

The Obama administration, in its refusal to release this report is doing two things. First, they are suppressing their own data, destroying a White House talking point in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. And second, they are validating the cornerstone argument in favor of the Trump campaign.

The borders are broken, as is the immigration system. We need security and reform now! The only candidate running to do that is Donald Trump.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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