Leaked documents shows Clinton state department gave North Korea taxpayer money

North Korea the reprobate, the insolent country that we all know prepares a Nuclear Arms program, and also for leaving its people dying from hunger, has got money from the Clinton State Department and the taxpayer foots the check.


Officially, the Obama administration offered Kim free food, but it goes far deeper than that

The administration of President Barack Obama, which has always taken a position of “strategic patience” towards North Korea, appears to have made few sacrifices in what it calls the “Leap-day deal”. It has offered 240,000 tonnes of food, a great part of it in the form of biscuits more likely to go straight to those many North Koreans suffering from chronic malnutrition, such as children and pregnant mothers, than to the privileged. American officials say North Korea dropped its insistence on grains and rice being included, and will allow an extensive international monitoring system to be installed before food is delivered. Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland of the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC, say North Korea dropped its demand made repeatedly under Mr Kim’s father that the country should receive 330,000 tonnes of food. After the death of Kim Jong Il, “there were questions as to whether anyone was in charge of Pyongyang. Now we know that someone is capable of making decisions, and their first one constitutes a conciliatory (indeed concessionary), not belligerent, gesture,” the academics write.

But in 2012, with the Presidential election occurring, the Obama team and Clinton State Department made private gifts to the deadly North Koreans to keep “the peace”

Chosun Hackers exposed:

U.S. intelligence and security officials flew to Pyongyang in August and stayed there for two days, it emerged Thursday.

A U.S. military aircraft carrying CIA and National Security Council officials entered North Korean airspace along the West Sea route from Guam at 10:03 a.m. on Aug. 17 and returned to South Korean airspace on the same route at 10:17 a.m. on Aug. 19, two days later, according to South Korean government officials.

This was the second time since April that U.S. officials went to Pyongyang on a U.S. military aircraft that took off from Guam.

They included Daniel Russell, the White House senior director for Asian affairs, and Sydney Seiler, a former CIA officer and Korea policy chief at the NSC, pundits believe.

A diplomatic source in Seoul said apparently President Barack Obama, who was then bidding for a second term in office, secretly sent the officials to North Korea to minimize disruptions to the U.S. presidential election.

Although foreign policy issues rarely sway voters, there was talk at the time that North Korea could be preparing another nuclear or missile test, which Republican challenger Mitt Romney could have seized on to portray Obama as soft on America’s enemies.

Now the U.S. election is over, North Korea appears to have made swift progress in preparations for another rocket launch. Pundits speculate that the deal reached in Pyongyang was that it would wait until Obama was safely re-elected.

This si a clear explanation of the reason there has been no fierce criticism of the North’s plans from D.C.

However, other people think that Washington only wanted to establish a channel for communication with the North Koreans within the cold inter-Korean connections.

“Nobody can rule out that such direct dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang will continue in the future,” reports a source.

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