Leaked Emails Reveal DNC Officials Directed Anti-Trump Protests

WikiLeaks has been a veritable treasure trove of juicy information in the world of politics and a constant thorn in the side of the government, who for all of their effort, can’t erase things at the same speed they’re being released.

The release of Democratic National Committee emails by WikiLeaks on Friday confirmed what many conservatives were already thinking. As it turns out, DNC officials have been planning many of the anti-Donald Trump protests we’ve been seeing all over the country.

Shock and surprise.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that surprising. It’s like when somebody cranks the handle on a jack-in-the-box. We all know what’s coming out, it’s the timing we don’t know. And the timing for this particular leak couldn’t have been better. With the Democratic National Convention in full swing this week, there’s no greater time for a few skeletons open that closet door.

Those liberal puppet masters think they’re so clever, but the signs were obvious. With earlier reports stating that Bill Clinton has been getting money from some rather shady places to fund his wife’s campaign. And what about the ads on craigslist that were offering fifteen dollars an hour to people who show up at Trump rallies?

Desperation is a stinky cologne.

For many who joined the the DNC in hopes of beginning to a bright career in left-wing politics (or corruption, depending on how you look at it) they got signed up for something they didn’t quite plan on.

Intern involvement with protests is mentioned twice in the leaked emails. DNC communications director Luis Miranda bemoaned photos of an empty anti-Trump protest in Washington D.C. in one email chain.

Miranda said, “Going forward, when our allies screw up and don’t deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it. We don’t want to own a bad picture.”

Miranda was notified of the Washington protest in an email chain titled “TV coverage of protest great.” In the original email that notified the DNC communications director of the Indiana protest, a DNC staffer wrote, “thanks to our interns for finding this out.”

DNC officials Brad Marshall, a chief financial officer, and Alan Reed, a compliance officer, also signed off on the use of Black Lives Matter organizer Deray Mckesson as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton.

What is also easily seen is that behind the DNC efforts lies George Soros, who has funneled millions into the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump has been under attack by no less that 187 Soros-financed groups, who have even taken out ads in Craigslist to accumulate protestors.

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