Leaked Emails Reveal How DNC Disenfranchised Voters in Order to Select Hillary

Although we may never see the 30,000 emails deleted by Hillary Clinton, we have been given the chance to see thousands of emails detailing shady (to put it lightly) activity by the Democratic National Committee thanks to Wikileaks.

Clinton’s campaign has tried to deflect attention from the contents of the emails by saying Wikileaks worked in league with the Russians to throw the race in Donald Trump’s favor – an absurd scenario if there ever was one – but that has done little to kill interest in them. This is unfortunate for them, as the emails prove that, far from what they claim happened, the DNC worked to throw the race in Hillary Clinton.

This means that Bernie Sanders never had a chance of becoming the Democratic nominee, that his supporters were right when they said the primaries were rigged against him, and that the faith of thousands of Americans in the electoral system has been shattered for years to come.

As reporter Ben Swann explains, the emails show that DNC staff conspired to use Bernie Sanders’ secular Jewish background in order to paint him as untrustworthy to voters. Ironically, this scheme is the sort of thing liberals accuse the right of doing, just as they accuse Republicans of trying to suppress voting rights, but as the leaked emails show, it is the Democrats who are ignoring the will of their supporters:

“Swann is absolutely right, and could actually go a step further. It isn’t just in the minds of Sanders supporters; it is a fact evident to any reasonable person that has read the emails that the DNC selected Clinton, not the voters.

The leaked emails show that the nomination of Clinton was not democratic; it was a coronation by the DNC.

Setting Sanders’ insane politics aside, it’s not about him specifically. What the DNC did should anger anyone that believes that fair elections are critical to maintaining the principles the United States was founded upon.

The corruption proven in the DNC is a blight on this nation and no one, on either side of the aisle, should be okay with that — even if Sanders accepted his thirty pieces of silver from Clinton.”

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