Leaked Pelosi Documents Show Democrats Dismissing Benghazi as Conspiracy Theory

The conduct of the Democratic party in regards to Benghazi has been nothing short of disgraceful, but newly-leaked documents demonstrate how truly low they have sunk in their efforts to protect Hillary Clinton.

In the latest in a series of leaks of sensitive Democratic documents, a hacker by the name of Guccifer 2.0 published items obtained from Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s computer. The document, which deals with the question of the Benghazi attacks, apparently served as a guide for Democrats to follow when discussing the subject.

Although it paid lip service to the memory of the four Americans who lost their lives in the attack, the memo was mainly concerned with how party members would go about casting doubt on the credibility of people asking questions about the government’s handling of the matter, characterizing Republican calls for investigations as “pandering to conspiracy theorists.”

The fact that such a document even exists shows how uncertain the Democrats have become about the position they’ve staked on Benghazi. After all, it explicitly notes that former Ambassador to the UN Samantha Rice “gave incorrect information on television” when she blamed the attacks on a movie instead of Al Qaeda, further weakening their stance:

“The document’s central talking points revolve around ignoring the facts revealed by congressional investigations, and instead on rhetorical flourishes that emphasize patriotism.

The first talking point focuses solely on the importance of having diplomats in dangerous places, and makes no mention of the specific circumstances of Benghazi.

This tragedy highlights the challenges our diplomats face when they serve as frontline civilians, representing our nation in harm’s way. Isolating America and sequestering these professionals in fortress embassies is not a solution. We must value and support their important work, as well as protecting their physical security.

The second talking point paints any attempt at calling for accountability as ‘pandering to conspiracy theorists.’

Benghazi is a tragedy, not a scandal. At this point, most public discussion is pandering to conspiracy theorists or harping on the death of an American ambassador to score political points.

The third talking point denigrates the Republican led congress for investigating the specific circumstances involving the events of Benghazi. The talking point also calls for respecting the families of the fallen in Benghazi, in lieu of actually discussing what happened.”

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