Left Media Freaks Out Over Michelle Obama Cartoon

Over the weekend, leftist and liberal media had a field day over a mural depicting presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump kissing Russian president Vladimir Putin. Many of the outlets had no problem bashing and ridiculing Trump over the satirical imagery, and almost no one gave complaint of the portrayal of Trump.

But now the liberal media is freaking out over a political cartoon depicting a grumpy, masculine and muscled First Lady Michelle Obama standing next to a feminine and radiant Melania Trump with the caption “Make the First Lady Great Again.” The usual outcries on Twitter followed claiming the cartoon was racist, stereotypical, body shaming, misogynistic, trans-misogynistic, etc.

Ben Garrison, the artist of the cartoon, had the perfect response to the Twitter backlash, calling them “cry babies.” ‘Satire could strip naked, paint itself purple and yell “Satire-satire!” and they still wouldn’t see it,’ Garrison tweeted.

A picture of the cartoon is shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.05.45 AM

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