LGBT America starting to get behind Trump

The Orlando terror massacre has members of the LGBT community around the nation coming out – for Donald Trump and the Second Amendment.

Some among the reliable Democratic constituency were not persuaded by President Obama’s post-attack call for new gun control measures and renewed warning against painting Islam in a negative light. Trump’s counter message that Americans – including those in the LGBT community – must protect themselves against the hatred of radical Muslims struck a chord with Stephen Zieman.

2301504_orig“I knew I had to fully support Trump because he called out the threat for what it was — radical Islamic terrorism,” the 23-year-old from Schaumburg, Ill., told “He stood up for the LGBT community and called himself a friend. It’s something we all needed and he was there — Hillary was not. She was making excuses for the religion and calling for gun control, which is not what I needed to hear.” So glad to hear this as well as America is to hear it also.

America’s LGBT communities are waking up to the fact that Democrats have used them to push bills in Washington DC, and the fact that Democrats and the Obama team prefer Muslims over anyone even after the Orlando LGBT attack by a radicalized Muslim.

After the attack in Orlando, LGBT America has come out in support of the second amendment and stronger borders and immigration laws in America. The Islamic religion mostly considers being gay a crime punishable by death in 11 nations, including that nation of Saudi Arabia that has given 25 million dollars to the Hillary campaign.

Saudi Arabia will behead you for being gay, yet Hillary still claims to be for gay rights while getting millions from a nation that kills LGBT people. Leftist policies are getting LGBT Americans killed at home and abroad, and LGBT America is waking up to this fact by supporting the Trump.

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