Lib Woman Who Wishes For As Many Rights As a Gun Gets Schooled


Smacked down! A gun does not have “rights” like this lady claims. If anything, guns and gun owners are rather oppressed at the hands of Leftist fascists. And they have no problem complaining about the fact that they cannot pass a fascist agenda.

V. Saxena reports that, speaking on MSNBC this Tuesday morning, White House Press Secretary Josh “phony–baloney” Earnest blamed Republicans for the failure of any gun-control bills to pass in the Senate a day earlier, but he forgot one important thing.

Writing for the Conservative Tribune, I explained that four bills failed to pass — two pushed by Democrats, and two pushed by Republicans:

One of them, written by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, would have proffered more resources to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and modified the definitions of who is banned from owning a firearm due to mental-health issues. It was rejected with a 47-53 vote.

Likewise, a plan by Sen. John Cornyn to halt the sales of firearms if and when authorities were able to prove probable cause that the suspect desired to commit a terrorist attack also failed — this one with a 47-53 vote.

Both of these bills failed to pass solely because of Democrat obstructionism, but Earnest conveniently forgot to mention that during his diatribe on “Morning Joe” this Tuesday.

“It was a shameful display of cowardice, and the reason I described it as cowardice is because I don’t know what else to call it,” he said. “Cowards are people who talk really tough in the hope they will not be asked to actually act and actually do something, and the truth is that is exactly what Republicans have done.”


Instead of offering a fair analysis of Monday’s vote, he pegged all the blame on Republicans, acting as if their decision to not support overzealous gun-control bills amounted to cowardice.

One of those bills would have established a universal background checks system, while the other would have empowered the DOJ with the unconstitutional power to block the firearm rights of anyone suspected of terrorism.

Earnest of course mentioned none of this. Nor did he point out that Republicans themselves tried to pass some ‘reasonable’ gun-control bills but were blocked by Democrats.

I guess it’s true that just like President Barack Obama, Josh Earnest too is a slimy, conniving and disingenuous schmuck!

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