Liberal Couple Invites 143 Muslim Refugees To Live In Their Home-Can You Guess What Happened Next?

A generous left-wing couple allowed a group of Muslim refugees to move onto their property and all was well until they threatened them with death and chased them from their farm. Guess that just goes to show you that these folks will never change…

This was of course after the refugees had already destroyed the farm. Go figure!

Andrew and Rae Wartnaby opened their 50-acre farm to 143 Muslim refugees. Of course the refugees were just innocents fleeing militants and “xenophobic attacks”

The Observatorial reports:

“After only a few months of allowing the migrants to live for free on their property, the couple was threatened with death. The refugees chased them from their farm, which has already been destroyed by the migrants.

After claiming that the couple was not doing their part to help the refugees relocate back home or to another country, the Wartnaby’s were attacked in the middle of the nights with threats to kill the husband if the couple did not leave the property. The Muslim’s also claimed that the couple should be responsible for providing money, passports, and transportation.

The couple had their house windows smashed, their fence cut down, and the doors of their house broken down. The refugees control the farm while the couple remains in hiding, fearing death from the same people that they so generously helped.”

The Bible makes helping others a top priority. It also speaks of “casting pearls before swine”.

Muslim extremists use situations like this for nefarious purposes. Maybe the Wartnabys should have started a bit smaller, maybe one family. Maybe they could have found some non-Muslim homeless people to help.

Maybe liberals never learn.

H/T: Right Wing News

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