Liberal Media Attacks Trump Over Raising Money for Veterans

The nitpicking from the liberal media never seems to fail. Back in January, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump hosted a fundraiser for veterans and planned to bring in big bucks for the noble cause. With his large donor friends and associates, Trump aimed to raise $6 million, which Trump claimed he did. But now by a statement Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, the liberal media is harping on Trump yet again because $6 million wasn’t actually raised and that some heavy-hitting donors pulled out last minute.

So how much was raised at the fundraiser? A little over $4.5 million. Still a lot more than President Obama, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton have done in recent memory, or if they even contributed a veteran fundraiser at all. Last time veterans and Obama were in the same sentence, it was over accusations that his administration was purposely delaying health care benefits to our war vets.

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Trump fell around $1.5 million short. Big whoop, no need for the alarms to be rung. One thing that can be guaranteed with Trump as president is that there will be plenty of more fundraisers for our veterans and troops. The same probably can’t be said for a Hillary presidency.

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