Liberal Rag Uses Veteran to Call For Gun Ban… There’s Just 1 Humiliating Problem

The New York Daily News’ latest edition proved that the left has lost its mind over gun control, as if any more evidence were needed.

We live in an America where too many people are mindless pawns of the mainstream media and grocery store tabloids — so they believe that when the Daily News advocates for a ban on a specific weapon, that kind of gun is mowing down people in the streets.

Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for the country), that’s false. The gun the Daily News wants banned is already generally inaccessible to civilians.

If somehow you were able to get a fully automatic M-4 rifle — the one pictured on the cover — without a very difficult-to-obtain license, you’d be harboring an illegal firearm punishable under federal law by a prison sentence and major fines.

It’s another instance of liberals not understanding the guns they want to regulate.

The gun everyone is currently debating is the AR-15, which has a similar look and feel, but you can’t hold the trigger down and watch bullets come spraying out at a 1,000 rounds per minute like the advertised M-4.

One trigger pull, one shot —  that’s what civilians have in an AR-15, which acts much like a handgun except with a longer barrel (and it looks meaner).

As for the soldier on the front cover, it’s veteran and current Democrat Congressman Seth Moulton.

Aren’t you excited to be compensating the poster boy of this anti-constitutional propaganda with your taxpayer dollars? No? Alright, fine.

The title text on the cover says, “Hey, NRA: This Marine served in Iraq and he says assault rifles should be banned. Does that make him a gun-grabbing commie, too?”

Who knew a tabloid newspaper could act so much like a petulant child?

Now, here’s how the title should actually read: “Hey, NRA: This liberal congressman — who’s exploiting his military service for political gain — says guns that look like real assault rifles should be banned. Does that make him a corrupt politician?”

Indeed, it does.

H/T Washington Examiner

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