Liberals Call Police On Veteran’s “Free Zone” Sign, Cops Have PERFECT Response

A Vermont man, Troy Maxham is a proud veteran who served in the Army- fighting for our constitutional rights and freedoms. Maxham decided to exercise one of those rights he fought for- FREE SPEECH.

The Roxbury resident Troy said last month that he put an anti-Muslim sign on his home because he doesn’t trust Muslims. Maxham, a self-described supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, used the term “towelheads” when talking of Muslims stating they shouldn’t be allowed to take over the country, Times Argus reports.

Maxim declared that his property is a “Muslim Free Zone!”

Photo by Toby Talbot- A sign hangs on the side of a house in Roxbury on Friday. Times Argus

Photo by Toby Talbot- A sign hangs on the side of a house in Roxbury on Friday. Times Argus

Of course, liberals were extremely offended by the sign and called the police.

But, the libs got smacked down!

Local officials have said there’s nothing they can do about the sign because it’s considered free speech protected by the First Amendment.

So what did the libs do? They took matters into their own hands, trespassed onto his property and stole his sign. What scumbags.

Maxham responded in an epic way. He put up another sign, this time fastened to the wall with plumbers tape and screws! Hell yeah!


Maxham believes President Barack Obama is a Muslim. We ALL KNOW HE’S A MUSLIM! 


When told that his sign could be seen by some as offensive, Maxham said he didn’t care. “If they don’t like it, they can kiss my American ass,” he said.

Maxham wrote on his Facebook page- “Hey everyone I stand by my sign,, The Muslims come here and tell us to change everything for them.. NEVER I will defend my constitution against ALL who try to take any rights I have…. I’m a PROUD VETERAN and always will be…”


Vote for Trump and let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God Bless.

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