Liberals Freak Out at BRUTAL Cartoon Comparing Melania to the “Real Michelle”

When it comes to making fun of conservatives, liberals are all in. Just look at “The Daily Show” or “Doonesbury” — they love it!

However, when conservatives try to do the same thing with liberals, they’re branded as racists and bigots.

Take this cartoon of first lady Michelle Obama and first lady hopeful Melania Trump. The cartoonist decided to show what he thought was the ability for Trump’s wife to make the office of the first lady great again. Instead, he ignited a firestorm.

Eh, the caricature is no uglier than one of Michelle’s school lunches, if you ask me.


According to the U.K. Daily Mail, it didn’t take long for social justice warriors all over Twitter to pounce.

“Honestly this is racist as hell and reverts back to stereotypes that black women are angry and masculine,” Femi H tweeted.

“Oddly, they feel the need to denigrate Michelle to prop up Melania, when that’s so not the point. But they’re too stupid to (understand) that,” Imani Gandy wrote.

“A Princeton and Harvard Law School educated lawyer vs. a Slovenia high-school dropout turned model/goldigger. #yeahright,” Marcus Wesson said.

“You know, I’m *just* now noticing the bulge. So it’s not only misogynoiristic AF….it’s trans-misogynoiristic AF,” wrote another user, who apparently can’t even get close to the spelling of misogynistic.

What’s truly hilarious is that I bet all of these liberals have criticized Donald Trump over and over for his looks. They’re also the same ones calling Melania a “high-school dropout turned model/goldigger (sic)” or Trump fans “too stupid” to understand that’s “so not the point.”

Not that I’m saying these comments should be off-limits. Satire and joking should be part of any presidential campaign — indeed, any political campaign.

But the siren call of the left has always been to stop those who would joke at their expense with terms like “racist” or “misogynist.” (Oh, sorry — “misogynoirist.”)

Conservatives are getting tired of it, and they no longer care. Hit us with your worst, liberals. We’ll hit back just as hard.


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