Limbaugh: GOP Establishment Brazenly Puts Plan to Steal Trump Nomination Online!

Thursday, March 31, 2016: Rush Limbaugh straightforwardly details how the GOP Establishment now isn’t even bothering to hide its plans to pull the Republican Presidential nomination from Donald Trump.

Limbaugh offers a “translation” of the GOP’s launch of a new website to explain a potential contested convention. He says: “The GOP has just launched a website to explain to you how it is possible that Jeb Bush could be the nominee. Or how it’s possible that Paul Ryan could be the nominee. Or how it’s possible that anybody not running in the primary right now could be the nominee.”

In this explosive 11-minute clip, Limbaugh also gets into how the secret strategy to deny Trump the nomination really kicks off with the Wisconsin primary. Limbaugh also makes clear that Cruz is simply being used as a political patsy as part of the GOP Establishment plan; they would not include him among the potential nominees in a contested convention.

Listen to the explosive 11 minute clip below via Trump Nation:

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