Limbaugh Just Exposed The Sickening Truth About Dems’ Orlando Response They’d Never Admit

Back from vacation on Tuesday, radio host Rush Limbaugh delved deep into his analysis of Sunday’s mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub that left dozens dead and dozens more injured.

In one segment of his syndicated program, Limbaugh lambasted the reaction of some on the left — including President Barack Obama — whom he believes are more critical of conservative Americans than the radical Islamic ideology believed to have been behind the recent massacre.

“How many of you thought, finally this is going to wake up Hillary Clinton, finally Obama, finally the Democrats are going to see?” the host asked listeners. “How many of you thought that would be the case? How many of you thought that would be the obvious reaction? And now how many of you are stunned to find out that that’s not the reaction they have at all?”

As in the wake of similar tragedies in the past, Limbaugh suggested, too many on the left have opted to demonize law-abiding citizens for the actions of radicalized terrorists.

“This is all because of American gun control laws and the Second Amendment,” he said, mimicking the talking points being used by some liberal pundits. “This is all because of conservatives. Yes! This is all because of the NRA.”

Making his point clearer, Limbaugh warned his audience not to be shocked when politicians place the blame for terrorism on American gun owners.

“It is hard to embrace,” he said, “but the simple fact of the matter is that the American left and the Democrat Party, we conservatives, we Republicans, are their biggest enemy.”

The host went on to assert that these ideologues “fear us, hate us far more than they are bothered by Islam, militant Islam, Islamic terrorism.”

Limbaugh used the response to the worst mass shooting in American history to illustrate his position.

“Just take a look at the efforts that were expended to try to ultimately find a way to blame this on everybody other than the person responsible.”

h/t: The Hill

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