LIST: Here Are The States Taking EPIC Action Against Obama’s Transgender Scheme

States are pushing back against President Barack Obama’s orders regarding the inclusion of gender identity in public school bathroom policies.

The Daily Caller created a list of all the states speaking out against Obama’s proclamation, which mandated that schools must let children use the bathroom which is consistent with their gender identity.

So far Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Arizona, Texas and Georgia were among the states leading the way in rebellion against Obama’s policy.

For example, Pennsylvania lawmakers wrote an open letter to Obama in order to express “extreme outrage” over his proclamation. Over 100 lawmakers and state leaders signed the letter, which seemed to angrily explain why Pennsylvania would not comply with the president’s request.

“The letter’s threat to federal funding for public schools which do not comply with this unsupported directive is a deliberate attempt to circumvent the constitutional legislative process and flies in the face of the very idea of a constitutional republic as envisioned by this country’s founders,” the letter stated.

But it did not stop there. In fact, lawmakers accused the president of ignoring the Constitution in his quest for “inclusiveness.”

“The “Dear Colleague” letter is an unconstitutional intrusion by the federal government into an area that should be and is legally handled locally by school districts who best know their students and parents,” the letter continued. “At its core, the letter sacrifices the fundamental privacy rights associated with intimate bodily functions for millions of school students.”

Even Georgia’s Gov. Nathan Deal called the president’s proclamation a “federal overreach.”

Likewise, Arizona education official Diane Douglas said the proclamation was “negatively affecting” schools and was an example of “federal overreach.”

A firestorm of controversy is likely to follow Obama’s new mandate, and hopefully other states will follow in the footsteps of these five trailblazing states.

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