LISTEN: Allen West Just Revealed The One Thing Trump Must Change To Win The Election

Appearing on Trending Today USA with Rusty Humphries, former congressman Col. Allen West discussed what he believes Trump must do to win the upcoming election against Hillary Clinton.

Asked by Humphries whether West found himself on the Trump Train or in the Never Trump crowd, West replied by stating his intention to support Trump, while also expressing a few concerns (found at about the 6:00 mark in the audio clip below).

“Look, I am on the United States of America team, back on July 31, 1982 to support and defend the Constitution, he is the presumptive GOP nominee, I will support that nominee, but I am very concerned about the lack of discipline and self control that I am seeing at a critical time for this nation,” West said.

Asked what Trump could do better, West claimed the presumptive GOP nominee required message discipline, refined talking points and daily briefings.

“I would like to see someone that when Donald Trump wakes up in the morning and his feet hit the floor he is given a briefing book, and in that briefing book are the top 8-10 stories of the past 24-hour news cycle, as well as his three to five talking points that he’s going to speak on,” said West.

“This is not about trying to make him structured, this is about disciplining the message that is out there. Donald Trump should be talking about what’s going on down in Venezuela so we don’t have this socialist economy trying to take root here. He needs to be talking about what are the solutions to deal with Islamic Jihadism domestically and also abroad,” West added.

“We just had 38,000 jobs were produced in the month of May, 0.8 percent GDP growth, lets talk about the right type of tax structure and regulatory structure that will get American jobs growing again, especially for our small businesses. So if you have a theme that says make America great, it’s time to start talking about how,” West concluded.

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