Listen: Scott Brown interviews Donald Trump (4/8/2016)

Loretta Clements said: Great interview. Donald J. Trump you were very presidential and made me proud to be one of your supporters. Vote Trump 2016.

Susan Scobie said: If Donald doesn’t get the 1237 delegates the nominee chance will be stripped from him by the elites who I guess are already running the Country.

Raymond Tedesco said: Unfortunately people do not understand that a vote for Cruz or Kasich at this point is a vote to have the contested convention. The RNC WILL NOT NOMINATE any of the three men currently running. They are simply using Cruz and Kasich as a vessel to stop TRUMP from reaching the magic number. Then they will nominate joe blow resulting in the win for Hitlery. If Americans do not rally around Trump and get the 1237 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination. Hitlery will be the next POTUS. You do not have to like this, you simply need to understand and accept the reality.

Presidential Candidate Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump joins Fmr. Sen. Scott Brown on The Michele McPhee Show.

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