LISTEN: Sean Takes Apart A Muslim Imam Over Violent Passages In The Koran

On a recent Sean Hannity Show, Sean received a call from Iman, a Muslim Imam based in Colorado. Iman ascribes to a belief that is popular amongst leftist, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, that ISIS and those who commit acts of terrorism in their name, are not Muslims.

“In my firm belief that they’re a form of atheists,” Iman proclaimed.

Sean fired off a battery of questions for the Colorado Imam. “Answer me this,” Sean said. “Why does [the Koran] say take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends? Why does it talk about Jihad and holy war? And why does it talk about infidels as much as it does? And why was Mohammed in his own personal life a warrior? And why did he marry girls that weren’t even 10 years old?”

“Well, Sean, these are big intellectual discussions–“

“It’s not that intellectual,” Sean fired back. “Why does it say take neither Jews nor Christians as your friends? I don’t say that about Muslims.”

“Of course not,” Iman replied. “There is another verse in the Koran that God says that he does not forbid you from being kind.” Iman went on to explain that in his time living in Syria, he lived side-by-side with Christians. However, the Imam couldn’t seem to answer for the oppressive passages found int he Koran, and implemented under Sharia law.

“Do you acknowledge that there are millions and millions of women, and gays, and lesbians, and Christians, and Jews–you know look at the countries that Hillary took money from: Saudi Arabia, the government of Brunai, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and others. They took millions and millions of dollars that oppress women. True or false?” Sean asked.

“Um…you know, I tell you–“

“True or false,” Sean pressed. “You’re an Imam. True or false under Sharia, these women are oppressed?”

“That’s completely false,” the Imam insisted. When presented with the facts the many Muslim nations, including those Sean listed, have laws on the books that allow for the execution of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, the Imam continued to feign ignorance, claiming that he could only answer for “American Islam”.

Sean concluded that Iman, like so many other Muslim leaders, lacks the courage to confront the violence found in his own holy books.

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