LISTEN: Secret Service Officer Who Testified Against Clintons Reveals What Happened To Him While…

Appearing on USA Radio with Rusty Humphries, former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne discussed his experiences serving under the Clintons, and it was none too appealing. According to Bryne, being around Clinton “sickened” him, not only for what he saw as a blatant disregard for the law, but also her rude conduct and hostile demeanor towards the people who worked under her.

“I survived it pretty well, my concern is that some of the people that worked there [the White House] did not, the Clintons, all these scandals, they seem to leave a wake of personal life destruction for other people,” said Byrne.

While some people might claim Clinton has gotten better or matured since her time as first lady, Byrne seems to think otherwise.

“I see the closer she gets to becoming the President of the United States, the more vicious she’s going to get, the more vindictive, and I do fear for the country. I think they [the Clintons] make terrible judgments,” he said.

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