Listen: Stacy Dash DARES Say What No One Else Would About Hillary Clinton ON AIR

Actress Stacey Dash has achieved new media relevance in recent years as a political pundit, seen regularly on an array of Fox News Channel panel discussions. The Clueless co-star has proved unafraid to make politically incorrect statements, propelling her to superstar status among many conservatives.

During a recent interview with radio host Rusty Humphries on USA Radio, Dash took on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee with a direct shot at Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit-heavy wardrobe.

After Dash described the former first lady’s platform as a de facto third term for President Obama, Humphries feigned surprise that his guest would not walk in lockstep behind Clinton simply because they are both female.

“But Hillary’s a woman,” the Trending Today USA host said. “You’re supposed to be on her side.”

Dash did not mince words, calling Clinton “a lying criminal” who belongs behind bars.

Humphries once again pointed out Clinton’s historic campaign to become the first female presidential nominee of a major American political party, paraphrasing the rhetoric from an endorsement video released by Obama recently.

“She’s the most smartest, most qualified person in history to be president,” he said.

Dash took the opportunity to offer an ad hominem attack on the former senator and secretary of state.

“Yeah,” she said, “she also dresses like a man would dress if he were a woman trying to dress like a man.”

Dash, currently promoting a new book about her transition to an outspoken conservative, has publicly distanced herself from her former support of Obama.

While she expressed early optimism that a black president could effect racial change in the U.S., she soon determined Obama “divided us more” than she had ever seen the nation divided before.

The actress is supporting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

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