LISTEN: Texit? Texas Governor Greg Abbott Discusses Texas Secession Movement.

The Supreme Court’s 4-4 split on President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration is being considered a victory by many including Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In a statement released by the Governor Abbott said, “The action taken by the President was an unauthorized abuse of presidential power that trampled the Constitution, and the Supreme Court rightly denied the President the ability to grant amnesty contrary to immigration laws.” The Governor added, “Today’s ruling is also a victory for all law-abiding Americans—including the millions of immigrants who came to America following the rule of law.”

On Friday’s Sean Hannity Show, the Governor joined Sean to discuss the recent SCOTUS victory, but the discussion briefly turned to an issue that has been making headlines since the so-called Brexit vote in Great Britain: Texas secession. The British departure from the EU has led to renewed calls by some in the Lone Star State to assert its independence from Washington.

“Do you think it ever gets to the point that the good people of Texas, and their values of freedom separate themselves from the United States and go on their own?” Sean asked Governor Abbott.

“Candidly, Sean, what I think is that what Texans believe in is that we need The United States to be more like Texas. In fact I believe America longs to be the way the Texas is,” Abbott told Sean. Abbott also added that nations and states “asserting sovereignty” is essential.

“You brought up Brexit, this is something that’s going on not just in the United States, but this is something that’s going on across the entire globe and there’s a reason for it,” Abbott said. “Sovereignty is a key component of a nation and we’ve seen the United States, we’ve seen Great Britain, we’ve seen countries in Europe, sacrifice their sovereignty and we’ve seen the way their citizens have suffered because of it.”

Listen to Governor Greg Abbott discuss the idea of Texit on the Sean Hannity Show:

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