Listen: The Man Who Almost Ran 3rd Party Against Trump Reveals Why He Didn’t Do It

David French became a brief point of contention several weeks ago when it was announced he might run as a third option against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Appearing on USA Radio Wednesday, French discussed why he ultimately decided against a presidential bid and discussed his contentions with Donald Trump.

“Let’s talk about the running for president thing, that lasted for about a day, what happened there?” asked host Rusty Humphries.

“It was actually about seven to eight days for the decision making going on,” replied French. “When Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse declined to run, I was having a conversation with Bill Kristol, and we both shared the deep conviction that somebody had to give the American people a better choice.”

“Bill asked me if I’d be interested in exploring that option and I took a real close look at it with my wife and my kids, not because I’m this famous guy, I’m not, I just felt America needed a choice,” he continued.

Apparently French had not meant to go public with his intentions, nor was he even sure if he was going to run, before the information was leaked.

“I took a hard look at it, it was supposed to be done completely off the record with nobody knowing about it, but instead it leaked, so all of a sudden I went from thinking with friends and family to [people asking] who is David French,” French explained.

According to French, his lack of a dedicated constituency and the possibility that his bid might block someone more viable, drove him to step down.

“You just need someone with a bigger constituency than I have, in fact, if I had stepped in and tried to run there might be a chance that I would actually block a person with that bigger constituency as the independent spot would have already been filled,” reasoned French.

Changing the subject, French went on to express his belief that Trump is more concerned with poll numbers than actual national security policy.

“He’s threatened to blow up the NATO Alliance, he’s threatened to blow up the alliance with South Korea, obviously he knows nothing,” said French. “He’s threatening these long-term relationships, he says he’s non-interventionist then he says he’s going to put 30,000 boots on the ground.”

“In a year you could actually try to learn something,” said French, expressing his belief that Trump has largely failed to evolve as a candidate. “And it’s pretty obvious that the thing he studies more than anything else isn’t national security policy, but it’s poll numbers.”

French rebuffed the notion that Trump will hire the right people, claiming Trump would rather hire people who are fiercely loyal as opposed to competent.

“Could he not hire some smart guys like you and once he gets to the White House he’ll know… better advice?” asked Rusty Humphries.

“But he doesn’t do that,” replied French. “His hiring strategy is to hire incompetent people who are not quite up to their position and they give him incredible blind loyalty because they know they can never get an equivalent job anywhere else.”

h/t: USA Radio

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