LOCK HER UP! Clinton Staffer Comes Forward, Exposes THIS Major Hillary Crime

Kathleen Willey began her career as a Clinton staffer as a volunteer aid in the mailroom in 1993 and later was promoted to a paid position in the office of the White House Counsel. She just dropped a pretty damning bombshell about the modus operandi of the Clintons.

According to Willey, the defense of “I do not recall” that Hillary used more than three dozen times during her home interview with the FBI is not a new strategy: Willey actually overheard a staffer advising her to do it in 1994 at the height of various other Clinton scandals, per Breitbart.com. This proves Hillary was knowingly deceiving the FBI during her interview.

Speaking on the talk radio program “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Willey said she overhead this exchange sometime in 1994: “And I heard Bernie Nussbaum talking extremely very loudly. To Hillary. And basically said, ‘For Christ’s sake, Hillary. All you have to say is you don’t recall. You don’t remember anything. Nobody can argue with that.’”

Willey said it was almost like déjà vu playing out right before her very eyes as she watched the latest scandal with Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“If you look at this and if you look at all the testimony, the grand jury testimony, all of this stuff that was being revealed like what we are looking at now. All of the FBI files….This is what they do. All of them. Cheryl Mills, all of them.”

Willey continued to discuss just how dirty these con artists masquerading as a presidential campaign staff can truly be.

“The truth of the matter is that you can’t argue with that. You can laugh. Your response can be, ‘what do you mean you don’t remember?’ But when they say that, there’s no argument to that,” Willey said. “And this is what they have done for 40 years. And it never ends.”

Indeed, it does not.

Consider the fact that in this latest scandal, Hillary said she “didn’t recall” in response to a number of items including many questions regarding whether or not she received guidance on simple, everyday security measures that another secretary of state, such as Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell, would have not only remembered but taken very, very seriously.

Yes, playing dumb has worked well for Hillary Clinton. She will continue to do it as long as she can, and it would appear there is no way to stop her. Oh wait, there is one way…stop her at the ballot box and elect Donald Trump instead!

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