Longtime Clinton Friend Comes Forward to Reveal What’s REALLY Happening to Hillary

Hillary Clinton won’t be able to slide this under the rug, especially when the revealing truth bomb comes from an such an old pal. One of Bill Clinton’s long-time friends and supporters spoke about Hillary’s fitness to hold office in great detail—these words could sink the entire Clinton campaign.

“Hillary Clinton is not physically fit to be president,” Dolly Kyle, author of Hillary, the Other Woman, told WND. “Anyone who believes that she is has their eyes closed. If she was in a wheelchair or blind or something like that, she could still do the job. But she is losing her mental capabilities—she’s suffering from real cognitive impairment.”

Dolly Kyle is reportedly a childhood friend of Bill Clinton’s and a former love interest.

Kyle, also an award-winning attorney, went on to maintain Hillary Clinton is suffering from memory loss and is having difficulty carrying out various tasks.

If she is right and Hillary wins, Bill Clinton would likely be a shadow president—aided, of course, by the liberal elite who now control the Democrat Party.

Kyle’s book is a chronicle of odd and often times disturbing episodes stemming way back to the time when the career politician was serving as the first lady of Arkansas.

Hillary is “’cruisin’ for a bruisin’,” Kyle said, using the common southern and Appalachian phrase to indicate she is heading into very troubled waters based on her own doing.

“She’s so angry and driven by rage. People like that eventually break down physically,” Dolly said.

Dolly also believes Hillary’s paranoia coupled with her long habit of being a “control freak” are a dangerous combination not just for her but for the United States of America.

“Her mania to destroy anything which she feels could be detrimental to her reputation is taken to such an extreme that she lies when the truth would do her good,” Dolly Kyle added.

Bill Clinton’s old friend also believes if the public was ever able to see Hillary’s accurate and full medical records, she would immediately be forced to remove herself from the race.

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