Look at Weird Thing Fox Has on Webpage After Taking Andrea Tantaros Off Air

Software companies looking to develop a sequel to “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” might look toward licensing Andrea Tantaros as a protagonist. After all, the Fox News host has been absent from her show “Outnumbered” for well over a month now.

“Issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract, and Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off. She is still under contract with the network,” a spokesman from Fox News said back in April.

However, while Tantaros has been promoting her new book “Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable,” she hasn’t appeared on “Outnumbered,” and no mention has been made of her.

Given that she was one of the most vocal Trump supporters on Fox, conspiracy theorists surmised that her support for The Donald may have caused Fox to drop her.

However, good news, under the situation: As the Examiner reported, Fox News’ website still has Tantaros listed as a contributor to the show. So, maybe it is just a contract dispute, and Tantaros will be back to give election coverage.

It’s worth keeping in mind that media insiders say that Fox News might also have to re-sign Megyn Kelly of “The Kelly File” to a large contract once her contract is up this year. Given that Kelly could demand a number up to $25 million, Fox could either be trying to save money on Tantaros’ salary or set a precedent for the Kelly negotiations.

Tantaros’ place on “Outnumbered” has been taken by a few people, including Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona senator and former Republican Party presidential nominee John McCain. Given that I recall McCain once waxing lyrical about her respect and love for South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a RINO extraordinaire, she doesn’t seem to quite fit the bill for a good replacement for Tantaros.

Fans of Tantaros’ brand of fire-breathing truth telling will no doubt be awaiting her re-arrival. We can only hope it happens soon.

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