LOOK: Incredible Moment In The Sky Right Above Orlando Memorial… Everyone SPEECHLESS

On Monday, following the brutal attack in an Orlando, Fla., gay nightclub, in which 49 people were killed and many others injured, vigils were held throughout the country to mourn for those lives that were taken.

A photographer was present at the Orlando vigil, held at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, mourning someone that she was close to. At one point, while the name of each victim was being read aloud, she noticed a flock of birds flying overhead. She decided to take a photograph of the birds as they flew over.

Only after reviewing the picture did she notice that there were exactly 49 birds in the flock.

Speaking to CNN, the photographer said, “I then showed everyone around me and had them count. We were all stunned.” She added, “Seeing the birds made me feel a sense of peace about the tragedy.”

Forty-nine birds fly over Orlando, Fla., vigil for the Pulse nightclub victims.

Forty-nine birds fly over the Orlando, Fla., vigil for the 49 Pulse nightclub victims.

An event in Lakeland, Fla., included the release of 49 doves to honor the deceased; however, a representative of the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center made it clear that no birds were released during the Orlando ceremony.

The photographer placed the photo on Facebook with the caption, “There are 49 birds, my friends. The fallen are with us tonight.”

This tragic loss of life is being mourned in cities throughout the U.S. as well as in other countries. In a show of support to the LBGT community, the Harbour Bridge in Sydney and the Eiffel Tower in Paris were illuminated with the rainbow colors.

Also attending the Orlando vigil was Theresa Jacobs, mayor of Orange County, Fla. Speaking to those in attendance, she said, “This is not your fight — this is our fight. This is America’s fight.”

h/t: Daily Mail

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