LOOK: People Instantly Notice Something Surprising About Donald Trump’s D-Day Message

Donald Trump on Monday tweeted out an image in order to remember the anniversary of the D-Day invasion and the sacrifices our troops made on that day 72 years ago.

However, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee made one mistake. The photo that Trump chose to use is not from the D-Day invasion — it is from a 1943 training mission. You can clearly see an instructor holding his hips while he observes the troops coming ashore. An actual photo of D-Day would most likely have shown bodies on the shore, and no one idly standing around.

Even though Trump has probably realized the error by now, he has still not removed the tweet.

It’s not the first time Trump has had issues with veterans lately.

Back in January, the real estate mogul boycotted a Republican presidential debate because he felt he was being treated unfairly by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Instead, he decided to hold an event on his own and raise money for veterans. The Washington Post started questioning how much money the event had raised and whether veterans groups had received funds. On May 21, the Post reported that the $6 million that Trump claimed to have raised was actually less.

In response, veterans staged protests at Trump Tower. However, the protests reportedly were coordinated by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Trump held a press conference May 31 in which he attacked the news media for its reporting on the fundraiser and gave details on how $5.6 million had been dispersed to veterans organizations, including $1 million of his personal funds.

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