LOOK – These Celebrities Said They’d LEAVE America if Trump Won – Let’s Remind Them!

Hillary’s people thought they had it all in the bag. They were so confident that many of her celebrity supporters said they would leave the country if Trump was elected president.

Well, folks, get ready to pack your bags because Trump did win, and now you have to go…

Will they actually leave? Probably not because most liberals are hypocrites.

Hillary and Bill sure proved that with every move they made over the last 30 years! Like their leader, Clinton’s followers don’t care about their word.

Will Barbra Streisand leave her gazillion dollar career and never appear in the United States again? NO!

Will someone like Samuel L. Jackson give up his film career and the millions of dollars he makes for every movie appearance on principle? NO! Will Whoopi Goldberg fail to show up for The View today so she can pack her bags and live up to the threat she made if Trump were to be elected? NO!

My guess is that all of them will conveniently forget about their threat. Instead, they’ll take to bashing Trump and trying to create some type of uprising rather than give the man a chance and work to unite the country.

These people make me sick! They insulted every one of us by belittling our political beliefs, in essence saying what we wanted was so backwards as to make this country unlivable.

Well, the people have spoken, and they say you are wrong! Liberals outnumber conservatives, yet not enough of you believed in Hillary to come out and defeat us at the polls.

We stood behind our candidate and put him into office. You tore up our cities, rioted, attacked, and, in the end, you still lost.

Your fear mongering did not work. You didn’t realize the true will of patriots is much stronger than anything a flash in the pan movement can bring to the table.

Organizations like Black Lives Matter will come and go, but We the People will be here forever, and you will NEVER defeat us!

Oh, by the way, if any of you need help packing your bags, give us a shout. I think I can get about 50 million people to lend a helping hand!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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