LOOK: Trump Was Just Caught Meeting With The 1 Person That Will Make Hillary CRINGE

As he prepares for a potential general election campaign against Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently has been meeting with a man whose book, according to its Amazon summary, “draws a deeply troubling portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a highly unlikeable presidential candidate and a woman more associated with scandal than with accomplishments, with lying than with truth, with arrogance than with compassion.”

The Washington Post noted that author Edward Klein was seen with Trump, both riding with him and eating with him in Indianapolis. The Post reported that Klein said he was gathering material for a new venture. It added, “the visit with Klein comes as Trump promises to debut new attacks on the stump about the Clintons.”

Although Klein’s work has been popular, his conclusions have been contested by those about whom he has written.

Earlier this year, Klein, author of Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary, spoke with Breitbart News about Clinton.

“Hillary is always in trouble … she’s rolled out Bill Clinton, which she had no intention of doing,” Klein said. “That in turn, rolled out all our memories and all the stories about abuse of women that goes all the way back to not just the White House, but to Arkansas in the 1970s.”

Klein said his 1996 book The Truth About Hillary detailed how Hillary Clinton was “intrinsically part of the effort to discredit these women and threaten these women.”

“It goes all the way back to from her original arrival in Little Rock, Arkansas,” Klein said. “When she went there to marry Bill Clinton, she was instantly made aware of the fact that he was abusing women left right and center.”

He said Hillary Clinton chaired the “let’s get Monica” effort in the White House to discredit intern Monica Lewinsky, with whom Bill Clinton had an affair while he was president.

“History is important and we have a history of the Clintons back in the 1990s in which the White House was scandal central. It will happen again if the Clintons are back in the White House,” Klein said.

h/t: The Hill

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