Look: Trump’s Plan For Illegals Just Revealed – He’ll Win In a LANDSLIDE If People See It

After Trump tested the waters on softening his immigration stance, pundits have been speculating about this “inevitable” pivot to appeal to a wider voter base.

Trump, not wanting to upset the voters that brought him this far, stunned media “experts” by saying, “On my first day in office, I am also going to ask Congress to pass ‘Kate’s Law’ – named for Kate Steinle – to ensure that criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry receive strong mandatory minimum sentences. Strong. And then we get them out.”

Then, he immediately doubled down, telling the crowd he was going to penalize sanctuary cities…and the crowd went nuts!

The lead-up to this announcement was almost comical from a media perspective.

During the early stages of the election, the mainstream media said he had to pivot on this issue or he would be dead in the water.

When he brought the subject up during some of his rallies to test the waters, his base made it quite clear they did not want him to budge.

At this point, the media were licking their chops in anticipation of his immigration speech, talking about how disastrous the pivot would be, so much so that it would probably result in a massive change in popular opinion.

Ultimately, Trump never made the pivot, and then he got lambasted for that!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?”

Well, patriots, that is Trump right now when it comes to the media.

There is no right move in their eyes—only wrong.

They will continue to sell their bill of goods, which is why it is more important than ever for us to get out the REAL world and make sure everyone knows Trump has stayed true to his platform and We the People!

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